“Foley Quality” is a refrain echoed throughout the seafood industry. For more than a century, we have consistently set the benchmark for quality, freshness, and flavor. From our deep and trusted network of harvesters, we source only the “top of the catch”: fish just one or two days out of the water. Our veteran buyers walk the docks each morning, and the fish we source is processed, packaged, and shipped the next day, or sooner. That’s how Foley customers experience fish at its prime, every time. 

Exceptional Flavor

Hundreds of taste tests have taught us that fish of the same species can vary dramatically in flavor, depending on the fishing grounds where they are harvested. Foley works with select harvesters working nutrient-rich fishing grounds that yield fish with a distinctly superior flavor.

Exclusive Offerings

Foley’s Signature line enables customers to differentiate their menus and delight their customers with an unmatched selection of deeply flavorful seafood – exclusively sourced for Foley Fish.

Extensive Network

Our sourcing network is deep and wide, and many of our relationships go back generations. Sure we’re demanding, but we value our harvesters and honor our commitment to them as well as our customers. That trust enables us to set tighter specifications, commit to a product that’s 100% natural, and guarantee better quality and consistency right from the source.

Why Settle
for Second Best?

Become a Foley Wholesale Customer

“I love the consistency of their product, which is always fresh and beautifully packed.”

Frederic Morineau, Executive Chef, Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman