Quality starts with knowledge and an educated team is your greatest advantage. Our three-day accredited program is designed to help chefs, purchasing directors, and owners differentiate their seafood programs and maximize opportunities. We also offer onsite front-of-house and back-of-house training sessions to our customers.

Join us to dive into every aspect of the seafood industry, from hook to skillet.

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Program Features and Benefits

Our intensive program provides invaluable knowledge and hands-on experience that’s guaranteed to up your seafood game:

  • Trainyour kitchen and waitstaff to
    handle fish and shellfish
    properly to minimize shrink
    and optimize shelf life.
  • Discoverthe foolproof tests Foley
    buyers use to determine
    freshness and quality
  • Understandspecies seasonality, what to
    buy and when, for optimum
  • Learnhow how daily fish auctions
    impact pricing.
  • Detectscams by knowing what to
    look for and what questions
    to ask a purveyor.
  • Differentiateyour seafood program with
    signature items that win
    customer loyalty.
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Learn from the pros.

The Foley School of Fish is backed by more than a century of seafood knowledge. Attendees gain first-hand experience from commission-house tuna and swordfish graders, scallop and fishing boat captains, aquaculturists, lobstermen, fishery managers, chefs and more.

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Foley Fish employee tracing fish

“Everyone talks about transparency, but Foley takes customers behind the scenes to understand how fish should be handled, what to look for, and why it matters.”

Chef William Kovel, Catalyst Restaurant, Cambridge, MA