The meat lovers seafood – steak fish are firm with a substantial texture similar to meat but a mild, appetizing flavor. Swordfish, Tuna, halibut and even an occasional shark are amongst the Foley steakfish offerings.

The Foley Difference

Buying steakfish relies on consistent standards. Swordfish are graded by letters and our buyers look at every single fish before we purchase them to ensure we are getting A grade markers for our customers. Tuna are graded by numbers and we inside every tuna with a probe and take a tail cut as well to ensure the meat color is consistent throughout the fish. Our halibut come primarily from a 4th generation fishing family in Canada that share our standards so we see fish arrive in wood crates, surrounded by ice with their natural slime still in tact – it’s a good thing!

Why We Love Them

We know light, flaky fish isn’t for everyone. Steakfish are the perfect selection for those looking for a heartier fish for their customers. We love a Block Island Swordfish caught in September full of flavor or a cherry red piece of tuna angling for a light peppered sear. Halibut provides the perfect canvas for creative kitchen engineering.


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“I love the consistency of their product, which is always fresh and beautifully packed.”

Frederic Morineau, Executive Chef, Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman