Our buyers seek out shellfish harvested from pristine beds where tidal flow is strong, water is pure, and shellfish can grow to optimum size.

The Foley Difference

We hit the road throughout every year to meet with shellfishermen up and down the East coast and into Canada. We partner with the shellfish growers and harvesters that strive to produce a better product. A plumper mussel, a sweeter clam, a saltier oyster. We visit the harvest areas regularly to understand the best time to feature each offering and ensure consistency in the shellfish we present to Foley customers.

Why We Love Them

We love a boutique, raft cultured Maine mussel that is plumper, sweeter and cleaner than any other mussel. We love a Wellfleet clam harvested from the most pristine eco-system producing the sweetest clam. We love a thick shelled, plump meated oyster that truly reflects its eco-system. We strive to offer each of our oyster varietals at their peak. We are dedicated to Maine steamers for their rich flavor and lack of grit.


Mussels: 10lb bags
Clams: 100 Count bags
Oysters: 100 count bags
Steamers: Pecks, Bushels

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“Frank Foley educated the customer about the value proposition. If you understand their process and how much care goes into it, you’re not going to go elsewhere.”

Robb Ahlquist, The Sole Proprietor