We source the majority of our groundfish from boats fishing the exceptionally clean, nutrient-rich waters of Georges Bank. We also carry select groundfish species from the Gulf of Maine.

The Foley Difference

Foley buyers have access to the fish first…as it is unloaded in each of the New England ports so we get these fish 24-48 hours out of the water. Further, all Foley Groundfish are 100% all natural – no dips, no chemicals, no particle injections. Just the sweet flavor of a flaky white fish from the ocean.

Why We Love Them

We love New England groundfish because they are not only exceptionally fresh and flavorful, they are landed by local fishermen who are part of our communities. As an added bonus, these species are affordably priced year round making them perfect staples for menus and retail cases.


Whole, Steaked
Custom Portion
Specialty Cut: (Tail-On, Chops, Osso Buco)

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Become A Customer

“Frank Foley educated the customer about the value proposition. If you understand their process and how much care goes into it, you’re not going to go elsewhere.”

Robb Ahlquist, The Sole Proprietor