Foley Salmon

We offer a variety of salmon for our customers from farmed to wild - including OraKing, Wild Sockeye &, Cohos, Scottish and Norwegian. Our favorite salmon, however is the Foley Bay of Fundy Salmon – featuring the ultimate balance of flavor and texture with hours out of the water freshness and a very, very low carbon footprint.

The Foley Difference

Foley salmon features an all-natural feed with herring that adds extra flavor and a higher fat content for a more tender texture. The location of the farms from Maine to New Brunswick, allows us to get the fish 10 hours out of the water. We hand cut our fillets rather than passing through Styrofoam containers so fillets are perfectly sculpted and portion weights are spot on.

Why We Love Them

We love Foley Salmon because it translates to raves for our customers and the consistency minimizes any headaches. We literally hear from your customers asking where they can get more Foley salmon!


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“Foley is a partner, not a vendor. They’re part of our story.”

Arthur Ackles, Roche Bros.