AKA squid or loligo pealei – we offer a Foley brand calamari from Point Judith, Rhode Island. We assure you that grilled, fried, stuffed or stewed, there is no better calamari out there!

The Foley Difference

Most calamari is harvested in bulk, frozen, then thawed, processed and frozen again…usually with tenderizing chemicals and preservatives. This second set of processing often happens in China far from its origins in Point Judith, Rhode Island. Our squid is processed right here in Rhode Island, immediately upon harvest and frozen only once for optimal flavor, tenderness and minimal shrink.

Why We Love Them

We love Foley calamari for a bunch of reasons. To start, it is more tender and more flavorful than twice frozen product. We also love Foley calamari because it is a local product of Rhode Island and is NEVER sent to China for processing. We love Foley calamari because chefs don’t get shrinkage when working with our product so their food costs remain steady.


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Become A Customer

“Frank Foley educated the customer about the value proposition. If you understand their process and how much care goes into it, you’re not going to go elsewhere.”

Robb Ahlquist, The Sole Proprietor