Before there were government regulations for food processing, Foley pioneered many of the practices what would become industry standards for the safe handling of seafood. In the 1970’s, our Boston facility was considered the industry’s “model fish plant”, and was featured in educational pamphlets by the National Marine Fisheries Service. Today, food safety is core to our culture – and our promise to our customers.

Fish cans on ice

Precise Refrigeration, and Seriously Cool Packaging.

Handling, processing, and shipping seafood under strict temperature controls minimizes any chance of bacteria build up – and locks in consistent freshness and flavor. We check every fish we receive for proper temperature control. Once it passes inspection, the fish gets re-packed in our super-chilled flake ice while it awaits processing. The fish is then cut to order in our refrigerated facilities and immediately packed in our signature cold conducting tins to hold the proper temperature until it reaches the customer.

Safety Certifications

Our meticulous safety checks and quality audits ensure that every fish our customers unpack meets or exceeds the highest standards for integrity and freshness. Our processing facilities maintain up-to-date certifications for Safe Quality Food (SQF Level 2), NSF, and HACCP.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is intrinsic to our business, not only in how we source fish but also how we manage our facilities. From energy management to waste reduction to recyclable packaging, we continually look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and be responsible global citizens.

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