Michael Frances Foley 1906's photograph


Michael Frances Foley, a fresh-faced immigrant from County Tipperary, Ireland, opens a small retail shop in Boston’s Dock Square, near historic Faneuil Hall, where he sells fish “Fresh Off the Boat” from a stall outside his door. By 1910, the M.F. Foley Company is the leading fish retailer in Boston, delivering his quality product to cooks in Back Bay mansions, and Boston’s finest restaurants and hotels.

1936 photograph of Frank Foley


M.F.’s son Frank, a recent Harvard graduate, joins the firm and expands its wholesale operation. Under Frank’s lead, Foley Fish gains renown in the industry for being “quality nuts.” In the 1950’s, Frank opens the “model fish plant” in South Boston, setting a new industry standard for safety and quality control.

“In a crowded seafood industry, quality is the Foley leverage.”

Frank Foley
Original Foley Building in Boston


Mike Foley, Frank’s son, puts aside a career in banking to run the family business, renewing his grandfather’s commitment to serving only the best quality fish, with “Fresh Off the Boat” flavor. In 1981, he opens a second plant in the historic port of New Bedford, Massachusetts, to serve Foley’s expanding customer base of chefs, hotels, and specialty grocers across the country.

“We are only as good as our weakest link and our goal is no weak links.”

Mike Foley
Laura Foley Ramsden and her husbund Peter

The Legacy Continues

Now in its fourth generation, the Foley legacy for quality and consistency continues under the leadership of Mike’s daughter, Laura Foley Ramsden, and her husband Peter. Foley Fish celebrated its centennial in 2006, and today serves customers across the nation, flying “Fresh Off the Boat” fish as far as the Caribbean and Hawaii.

Old Mike Foley photograph

“Our passion is to deliver the freshest all natural sustainable seafood with every order. We are blessed with an incredible team committed to the Foley mission.”

Laura Foley Ramsden

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“It’s a generational story. Not just the Foley family and employees, but our customers too.”

Bill Gerencer, Foley Buyer for 30+ years