of a Mongress

by Laura Foley Ramsden

Welcome To The Adventures of A Fish Mongress

A Blog Introduction

Thank you for clicking on our website and my blog page. It is exciting to finally launch the new Foley Fish website. It is our hope that the website will not only provide an introduction to our 4th generation, family owned seafood company, but also serve as a resource for people looking for product information, recipes or fun fish themed swag (coming soon!).

Many of my friends had encouraged me to do a blog to share easy seafood recipes. It is funny to me that people are so scared of cooking fish because in many ways it is so much easier and quicker than cooking a big piece of meat, chicken, pork or turkey (which scares me to death!). I think the fear comes because people have had bad seafood experiences that have nothing to do with their cooking skills and everything to do with the quality of the fish available to them. Sadly, it can be hard to find a good piece of fresh, all natural fish. I'll be doing a blog on how to find the freshest fish.

Full disclosure - I am an amateur home chef. I cook things that I hope my family and friends will like. I like to try new things but have a few steady favorites that make the regular rotations. I will be sharing some of my favorites as well as recipes from our customers. Are there particular items you would like to see recipes for? Email me at or DM the foleyfish instagram page.

I'm looking forward to sharing recipes, fish menu ideas and general seafood knowledge with you. Since it is getting colder here in the Northeast, I posted a chowder recipe that was from a wonderful man who retired from cooking at the Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth, MA and worked to create recipes for Foley Fish during his retirement. Chef Scotty was beloved by all. I hope you enjoy the chowder.

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