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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get Foley Fish?

Foley Fish can be sent via truck, plane or UPS depending on your location. Foley Fish is packed in metal tins with either wet or dry ice to insure temperature control throughout the travel time of the shipment. A Foley Fish account manager can provide detailed shipping logistics and costs.

Is Foley Fish More Expensive?

Foley Fish bases fish selling prices on the cost of the fish at auction each day. Foley Fish will pay a small premium to get the very freshest, newest fish. The longer shelflife and better quality of Foley Fish (no water added, no chemical adulteration) actually makes Foley Fish a more affordable option because of reduced waste through water loss and poor quality.

Why Does Foley Fish Ship in Metal Tins?

Foley Fish ships in metal tins because it is better for the product than the plastic alternatives. Plastic is an insulator which keeps in the heat and does a poor job of transferring the cold. By comparison, metal is an excellent conductor of the cold and when surrounded on all sides by ice, helps to keep fish at the optimal 32 degrees.

Does Foley Fish Own Fishing Vessels?

Foley Fish does not own fishing vessels because fishing vessels are out for 7-14 days on their fishing trips and our buyers only source fish from the last few days of the trip. Foley Fish does not have an outlet for the 14 day old fish as we only offer our customers one tier of top quality seafood.

Does Foley Fish Own Any Restaurants?

Foley Fish does not own any restaurants. There is a Foley Fish House at the Renaissance Hotel in the Times Square area of New York City which we have agreed to lend our name to but we do not have any ownership stake in the restaurant. It is an excellent restaurant with terrific views of Times Square and, of course, great tasting seafood!

I Am Not A Chef Or A Store, Where Can I Get Foley Fish?

Foley Fish does not currently sell directly to consumers. We do offer Foley Fish in many fine specialty retail outlets across the country. Please contact Foley Fish at 800-225-8102 to find the nearest store to you. We always encourage consumers to request Foley Fish in their seafood departments.

What Kind Of Fish Does Foley Fish Sell?

Foley Fish sells a wide variety of fish and shellfish – from cod, haddock & sea scallops to snapper, mahi & tuna to imported Dover Sole, Bronzini and Dorade Royale. Our buyers are willing to hunt the globe for any special request.

What Are The Foley Fish Payment Terms?

Foley Fish has strict 14 day terms.These terms enable us to pay the fishermen quickly – which often times makes the difference when fish supply is tight and they are trying to decide where to offer their harvests.

Does Foley Fish Use Distributors?

Foley Fish prefers to ship fish direct to our customers as this insures top quality and consistency. Foley buyers source fish based on customer orders so they are selecting fish with a specific customer in mind. Many times the fish a customer is ordering is still swimming when they place their order – we believe sourcing from the ocean to be preferable to sourcing from a warehouse.


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