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Foley Fish Commitment To Sustainable Seafood

Foley Fish, founded in 1906, is extremely committed to sourcing sustainable seafood. For four generations, we have sourced well managed, sustainable seafood items for our customers. Unlike other companies who merely join associations, Foley Fish actively participates in fishery management with a representative on both the National Marine Fisheries Northeast Groundfish Advisory Panel and the Highly Migratory Species Panel. Additionally in the fall of 2011 Laura Foley was appointed to the New England Fisheries Management Council. Our direct involvement in fishery management allows us to steer our customers to well managed, sustainable species.

Today, the oceans are managed through a fishery management toolbox designed to protect the bounty of our oceans for future generations. The fishery management toolbox includes measures such as:

  • Limited Fishing Effort through reduced days at sea
  • Marine Sanctuaries created by permanent closed fishing areas
  • Low Impact Fishing through gear modifications to minimize impact on the eco-system Largest mesh sizes to allow baby fish to swim through Protection of Juvenile Fish through rolling fishing ground closures to protect spawning grounds
  • Reduced Fish Harvests through total allowable catch trip limits for fishing vessels and limits and quotas for specific species of fish.

We know our fish is sustainable because every species we offer is managed by federal, state or international authorities. Farmed fish are certified under global aquaculture standards.  

  • Cod- MSA
  • Farmed Salmon - CSQ
  • Flounder- MSA
  • Haddock- MSA
  • Hake- MSA
  • Pollock- MSA
  • Sea Scallops- MSA
  • Tilapia- ISRTA
  • Swordfish- ICCAT
  • Wild Salmon- MSA
  • AFMSC: Atlantic Fisheries Multi States Commission
    ICCAT: International Commission for Coservation of Atlantic Tunas
    MSA: Magnuson Stevens Act - The law governing all seafood harvested from US federal waters
    CSQ: Certified Quality Salmon (audited by Global Trust)
    ISRTA: International Standards for Responsible Tilapia Aquaculture

    These fishery management measures are just a few of the tools used to regulate fisheries. The good news is that they are working. Species with significant success here in the East Coast include: Acadian Redfish, Georges Bank Haddock, Georges Bank Scallops and Georges Bank Monkfish. All of the species are increasing in abundance – some more quickly than others depending on a variety of factors including water temperature and natural predators.

    Foley Fish also partners with farms who raise their fish with good husbandry. For example, all of our Foley Farmed Salmon is fed an all natural feed. Further, they cover their pens with polar twine tops to prevent fish escape. They feature underwater cameras to monitor feed and stop adding feed once the fish stop eating. They also allow pens to lay fallow and rotate pens as a farmer would his fields.

    Foley Fish keeps an eye to the ocean to help their customers offer species that are well managed and harvested in accordance with strict fishery management measures.


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