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Farmed Fish

There are many terrific fish which are farmed. Foley Fish partners with farms who exhibit exacting husbandry and practice all natural farming techniques. We visit the salmon farms in the Bay of Fundy regularly where they have low stocking densities to guard against disease, all natural feeds, water, feed and fish testing, a rotation system to allow pens to lay fallow, polar twine thatches to prevent fish escape, underwater cameras to detect when fish stop eating so excess feed isn't fed. The farms we partner with for tilapia, trout, catfish, and cobia are equally conscientious.

Much of Foley shellfish such as Wellfleet clams, Blue Hill Bay Mussels, Wawenoc, Island Creek and Menemsha oysters are all the product of aquaculture. Shellfishing actually enhances the environment because of their filter feeding introducing key elements to the ecosystem.

For customers concerned about safety and traceability of seafood, our farmed fish and shellfish give us 100% traceability from smolt or seed to finish! Wild from the ocean are certainly a delicious option, but it need not be either or so long as the farms are executing responsible practices.


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