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Foley Cooked Baby Shrimp


Foley's Cooked Baby Shrimp are an all natural, tender, sweetly-flavored Pandalus Borealis shrimp harvested from the icy cold waters of New Brunswick, Canada. We start with a premium raw ingredient which is then processed within hours of harvest to ensure a Cooked baby Shrimp with unparalleled flavor and texture. Foley's Cooked Baby Shrimp are thoroughly cleaned, and then glazed with natural sea water to protect them from freezer dehydration. The shrimp are then carefully frozen to ensure full meated shrimp with no broken pieces. Foley's Cooked Baby Shrimp are frozen only once while many other shrimp are twice-frozen which can severely compromise the product.


Foley Cooked Baby Shrimp are packed 150-250 count per pound with most shipments averaging between 150-200 count per pound making them one of the larger "baby" shrimp in the marketplace. They are packed in 1 lb. or 5 lb. bags bearing the Foley name.

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