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Foley Premium Farm Raised Salmon


It is easy to assume that all Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon are of the same quality and flavor. Atlantic salmon is produced world wide and the genus and species (salmon salar) is identical throughout the producing countries. However, this is as far as the similarity goes. Foley's has "gone to school" on Atlantic salmon to locate and bring you the very highest quality, firmest textured, freshest and most flavorful Atlantic salmon produced anywhere.

Four major factors differentiate one Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon from another:

  • Gene pools
  • Farming practices (husbandry)
  • Harvesting and slaughtering techniques
  • Packing and travel time of the finished product

Attention to detail at each step along the way, from the hatchery to the final shipping of the product, determines the overall quality and flavor of the salmon that you serve to your customers. The fish we ship each day was swimming the day before! In addition, Foley salmon farms test their salmon regularly at the parts per trillion level for PCB's to ensure the healthfulness of each fish. Finally, Foley salmon farms have strict criteria for their feed and do not include any bovine byproducts.


Foley Farmed Salmon is available year round in the following options:

  • whole sized from 6/8 to 14 lbs. and up
  • bone-in
  • PBO filets and portions

In addition to Farm Raised Salmon, Foley Fish offers Wild Kings, Coho, and Sockeye salmon as the seasons open in Alaska, California, Oregon and Canada.
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