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Georges Bank Groundfish


Foley Fish buyers seek to source their groundfish from boats fishing on Georges Bank. A fisherman, asked to describe the benefits of the Georges Bank as a habitat for fish said, "Fish in the Georges Bank eat healthy and live clean."

The Georges Bank runs from the Northern tip of Cape Cod to the southern tip of Nova Scotia. Because of its distance from shore, the waters are exceptionally clean. Fish thrive in this pollutant free environment. They also thrive because the Georges Banks are rich in nutrients. Two currents converge at the banks providing Georges Bank fish with a superior diet. The relatively shallow water (30-40 fathoms) allows the fish to better see and capture its foods. The end result is fish that are meaty and delicious to eat.


Foley groundfish species from the Georges Bank include:

  • Georges Bank Cod (sized, skin-on or skin-off)
  • Georges Bank Haddock (skin-on)
  • Georges Bank Monkfish (boneless fillets, dressed bone-in, steak monk)
  • Georges Bank Flounder/Sole (sized, skinless, dressed, tail-on)

Foley Fish also carries a variety of groundfish species from the Gulf of Maine including:

  • Gulf of Maine Ocean Catfish (skinless fillets)
  • Acadian Redfish (skin-on fillets)
  • Gulf of Maine Pollock (skinless fillets)
  • Gulf of Maine Hake (skinless fillets)
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